Rural Homeless Veteran Numbers Are Increasing at a Very High Rate; Obama Needs to Act Now


The Mission in Citrus Operates a homeless Veteran's shelter in Inverness Florida where it is over capacity.The overflow have been placed in their Crystal River shelters due to the heavy increase. New promises have been made by the VA that can not be kept. They base the decrease on Veteran's homelessness on the 2015 Point In Time Count around the US. Same as our census. It will never be correct. Most of the statistics came from Veterans who walk in for services. Not from the woods or other areas.

​​The United States is quickly approaching Memorial Day. A day of remembering the men and women who died while serving, and protecting our freedom. The Mission in Citrus will be participating in honoring those Veterans on Monday.

Sadly, many Veterans are dying while waiting for a home, or much needed services. Promises have been made and broken. Results from a larger scale effort have yet to be seen. Veterans are being placed into shelters like the Mission in Citrus and still await help. Help that comes slowly or not at all. The Mission in Citrus has been helping Veterans since 2008. Not a single dollar has been received towards helping those Veterans from the VA. The Mission in Citrus provides shelter , food, and other services from donations and grants. If the VA would provide help, then there would be a noticeable decrease around the US. While there is no shortage of homeless Veterans, there is a big shortage of help. They are concentrating on larger cities, while basically ignoring rural Veterans. And that is where the numbers climb. Many do not want to tell people they are Veterans or provide information to officials. 

It is time to end Veteran Homelessness

James M Sleighter, Founder

Many recent homeless Veterans scams have plagued those on the front lines. The Mission in Citrus encourages donors to look up charities on GuideStar , Great Nonprofits and more before giving. There are many good hard working Veteran's groups out there. But when you can spend millions on commercials and advertising. How many Veterans could have been placed into homes?

The Mission in Citrus has reached a record for homeless shelters. Their employment rate is 73% in Citrus County Florida which is the highest level ever reached in the US. In a county that has few jobs and a high poverty rate. They have just found out that they will not even be receiving the ESG grant. Funds were cut 70% in their four county area. This means more disaster for them and many others. And the Mission in Citrus is the only Emergency Shelter for many miles around. At a time when more help is needed. Funding is being cut by HUD. They have contacted Congress members and are going all out to fight the problem.Hopefully President Obama will hear their voice. Or someone who can relay the truth.

The saddest part is that have proven their program to work. Most of the staff are formerly homeless and volunteer. They have time and time again proven themselves. But the Government does not look to those on the front lines for real answers. And are they really looking ? 

There is more on their website They are hoping that many reach out and contact Congress, the VA , and provide help to shelters that are making a difference. 

Our homeless Veterans need a voice.

Source: Mission in Citrus Inc


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