Help Our Veterans in Need. They Served Us. Help Us Serve Them

They are continuing a pioneer project called. Operation Mercy Call to help homeless veterans. The Winn Dixie Foundation has given them $ 25,000 towards the project , but additional funds are needed to better serve our veterans in need..

They are looking at Willies Army jeeps that go anywhere instead of UTV'S as they will haul more supplies and go anywhere. They can do the project for less , but want it to be the best. They deserve it.

It is also out of respect for the Veterans that they will be helping. The average cost for one in good shape is between $ 12,000 and
$ 17,000 which exceeded their budget.

They will be purchasing MRES and other ready made meals, medical supplies , cell phones , battery lanterns, tents, sleeping bags and more.

The project is focused on helping Veterans in the woods and swamps in rural Florida delivering food , medical supplies and more. Many Veterans migrate to Florida due to the warmer weather , and those in rural areas are the hardest to reach.

They will then work towards getting them into their Veteran's shelter in Inverness, Florida which has successfully operated since 2010. All the Veterans that they have brought in so far, have been able to get their VA benefits or SSD and SSI.

They are committed to serving those who served us. Their plans are to expand once the project is in full gear. The Mission in Citrus has yet to fail on any of their innovative ways to help those in need.

They are also working to create a bill that makes using veterans to scam money from Americans a first degree felony.

You can help by donating a Willies Army Jeep or by visiting :

PayPal at

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